How the butters began...

I am the founder and handcrafter behind First Love Collection. My affinity for a more organic and natural lifestyle came in 2011 when I served as a military contractor in Afghanistan (yup, I kinda voluntarily did that!). While there, I had limited access to basic quality skin care products. In an effort provider my skin with what it deserved, I tapped into my creative curiosity and began to make whipped body butter. Through many days and nights of endless trial and error I created a perfected recipe that included Shea butter, virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, just to name a few.

Once back stateside in 2013 I continued to provide friends and family with my beloved body butters. Inspired by John 4:19, 'We love because he first loved us', I named the company First Love Collection - a collection of God given, organic, natural elements combined with each other to provide our skin with the best nourishment and moisture possible.

After gifting her body butters as my wedding favors, I decided I wanted extend my reach to not only family and friends but to anyone who has an affinity for organic, handcrafted products. I opened my online shop in December 2013 and have since created a collection of body products.

Now I offer not only a perfected whipped body butter, but also organic lip balms, natural brown sugar scrubs, organic blend body oils and even candles. This line of organic offerings is bound to please your skin. With the re-launch of this new online store, I've gone a step further and now create vintage, recycled handcrafted jewelry! Take a peak around and see if you might find a statement necklace to accompany your favorite organic product :)

Always enjoy the natural love of body